Responsible riding

We’re lucky in Scotland to have open access to amazing trails but this right comes with an obligation to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.  With increasing pressure on the trails (from a variety of user groups) and the almost constant wet weather it’s obvious that the local trails are struggling to cope in places.

Trail Maintenance Work:

As part of GMBC’s commitment to responsible riding and in conjunction with the Mugdock Park Rangers, we’ve promoted a series of trail maintenance activities every Spring since 2012, to put a little back into an environment that we frequently enjoy the use of.

This work has involved re-routing paths away from boggy areas, improving drainage and installing gates.  We often work on paths which are used by a wide range of visitors to the Park, not just bikers, for example in 2016 we worked on the West Highland Way and Clyde Coastal Path.

What can I do to help?

Have a look in our event calendar to look for the latest sessions (usually February to April) and if you’re interested then contact us at info{AT}gmbc[DOT]org[DOT]uk

Here are some examples of the work we’ve done:

Promoting Responsible Riding:

GMBC are actively promoting responsible riding within the Club and the wider mountain biking community around Glasgow.  We are doing this by:

  • initiating & leading the trail maintenance work with Mugdock Country Park
  • encouraging all members to be aware of the best practice guidelines (see below)
  • working with local bike shops to spread the responsible riding message
  • distributing Scottish Cycling & Scottish Natural Heritage leaflets on responsible outdoor access
  • varying the routes and the locations in which we ride and splitting large group rides to reduce the pressure on sensitive trails

In addition to that, GMBC support the best practice guidance offered by Scottish Cycling for off road access (see also the Do The Ride Thing guide published by Scottish Cycling), for example:

  • avoiding boggy or soft ground when conditions are poor
  • considering the cumulative effect and varying our routes and splitting larger rides
  • helping protect from erosion; not skidding or locking wheels on descents
  • keeping to the existing trails, not widening paths or taking alternate lines – keeping singletrack as singletrack.
  • controlling your speed, showing care & consideration for others (eg. horse riders, walkers)
  • being aware of hazards (eg. cliffs, loose rocks, roots etc)
  • following advice on signs advising of activities (eg. tree felling, deer stalking, lambing, nesting birds)
  • keeping a sensible distance from houses & respecting people’s property & privacy

Please take a read through the advice and keep it in mind when you’re out enjoying the trails across Scotland.  Here’s some evidence of the work we’ve been doing and you can find more photos here.

Example of poor trail conditions

Same section as above but after trail maintenance work:

New Trail Detouring Boggy Section

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