Bothy weekend 6-7th February


There was a suggestion at the Christmas bash, that some folks would like a bothy weekend, so I thought I would put something in the calender to aim for. My suggestion is Allt Scheicheachan (pron. Alt shee-cha-chan, with the ‘ch’ as in loch both times) just up from Bridge of Tilt/Blair Atholl. All landrover tracks: approx 10km, yes some climbing up to 500m with alternative exit strategies including Beinn Dearg, weather permitting!

My other suggestion is early February, so we avoid the midgies!

If you can wait until then try this:



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  1. A few folks have been asking about the bothy trip so I thought I would flesh out some ideas. I have a spare 13L bar bag if anyone is looking to carry a small lightweight sleeping bag etc.

    warm dry spare clothes
    Gloves and over shoes
    Optional dry shoes for bothy
    Head torch
    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping mat
    Snacks for 2 days
    Water purifying tabs for non boiled drinking water
    Hip flask as it is no longer dry January.
    Tea or coffee etc

    Rather than we all bring individual kit I thought we would try and share kit and weight around.

    Coal for the stove

    Luke may well have some alternative vegetarian options
    Pot noodles
    Savoury rice
    Bacon and egg rolls for breakfast

    What have I forgotten?

    The plan is to meet at the bridge of tilt, have lunch, which will save carrying it, then head up to the bothy. There is an option to the head up to bienn dearg. For the keenies they could head up glen tilt before meeting up for lunch. The next day we could come back via the other route to bridge of tilt or back via house of bruar.

    So who is in? It would be good to get an idea for numbers to the kit can be divvied up.

  2. I am still up for this. Any others?

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