AGM – 30th November, St Andrew’s Church Hall

Hi all,

Just to clarify some points recently brought up regarding the AGM-

– It’s a great place to give feedback to the committee and have your say as a member if you’ve been unable to get in touch with us some other way for whatever reason, for instance if you live under a rock and/or never ride with the club.

– In the interests of getting the best views, including those of any former members, the committee welcome anyone with anything to say to the AGM, member or otherwise.

– Note that if you wish to vote on any matters in the AGM (or in the event of an EGM), you MUST be a member of the club. Filled out membership forms and cash can be given to a committee member at any point prior to the start of the AGM (including on the night ten minutes before), (although why you would have waited 11 months to pay up is beyond the comprehension of the committee).

Hopefully I’ll see plenty of you out on the trails before then. I know I’m already looking forward to the firework night ride.


Chairman Luke

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