Glentress/Selkirk This Weekend

There’s a few of us heading down to Glentress/Selkirk for the weekend.  It’s primarily for the Bowhill duathlon on the Sunday but my plan is to head down to Glentress on Saturday for a bit of a play about.  I won’t be riding the black if I’ve got a race the next day.

Post up if you fancy coming along on the Saturday.  We also have 3 spaces in the bunkhouse (which is a 15min cycle from GT) if you want to make it a 2 day trip to Glentress.  The hostel is about £20 for the night, payable at the hostel.

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  1. I’m up for coming to Glentress 🙂 just for the Saturday though. What time are you thinking to start riding?

    • Hi Rich – aiming to leave Glasgow 9-9:30am, parking at the bunkhouse at Cardrona Forest then riding over to GT. Should be at the trails around 11am. Do you want a space at the bunkhouse on the Saturday night?

      • No thanks on the bunkhouse, I’m doing the Musselburgh audax on Sunday. Will see you at cafe for 11ish. I’ll be the one tying weights onto Eilidh’s bike 🙂

        A fair chunk of the red is closed atm at GT, will we be doing some of the non-waymarked stuff too?

  2. I’ll be around on Saturday, see you at the cafe for 11am?

  3. I’m coming tomorrow morning as well. Leaving Glasgow 9am so we should meet at the car park about the same time.

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