Lakes trip 16 / 17 March anyone?

I quite fancy another biking trip to the Lake District. Probably North Lakes to make the drive a bit easier, staying overnight on the Saturday. The riding is first rate down there, loads of great routes to do. If you’re interested post up and we can see about accommodation  The club has a YHA membership that we could make use of.


One of Gav’s pics from the last Lakes trip

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  1. Tom, sounds great. I’ll need to check the family calendar, any routes planned?.

    • Not yet, will get a few ideas together and mark them on the map. Hopefully Sanny will be along to suggest what scree slope to carry the bikes up and down. Would like to do a couple of decent days out though, but weather could be a factor.

  2. Good stuff, the calendar is looking favourable!.

  3. I like the sound of this. Cheers

  4. Tom, I may head down for the day on Saturday and drive back up at night. Will have a better idea nearer the time.

  5. Could be up for this as a day ride as well Dene!

    I rather fancy scoping out Sticks Pass from Helvellyn and up via the old Coach Road.

    Whiteless and Grizedale Pike heading down Hobcarton would be a possible as well.

    Gasgale Gill as a descent would be pretty fun too if part of a Newlands pass circuit.

    Then of course there are is the 4 passes ride!


  6. OK so there’s some interest. I’ll leave it until the end of the week for anyone else to express an interest before looking into accomodation.

  7. I’d be interested in the Saturday day ride – busy on the Sunday.

  8. I’m up for this too – may well need to car share though! I’ll see if the bros fancy it first but suspect they’ll not be able to make it….

    And doesn’t this clash with Paddy’s day? – Could be an excuse for beer and a silly hat on the Saturday evening too! 😀

  9. I’ll probably be able to car share Gavin, I’ll let you know nearer the time. I’ll leave some of sanny’s suggested rides to him though, as I’ll be on the hardtail due to selling the heckler, and the replacement not due till the end of April. The likes of the 4 passes on the soul doesn’t fill me with joy!.

    I’d imagine a couple of my ‘shire riding buddies will be up for this as well.

  10. I’ve sent a mail to the folk that have expressed an interest in accomodation. If anyone else is up for staying over send me a message as i’ll look to book something towards the end of the week.

  11. I’ve added it to the Calender, please add any more comments onto the calender page to keep it all together.

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