Mince/Pie Ride – 13-Dec

Hi.  It’s the customary seasonal bimble which is the mince pie (& non-alcoholic mulled punch) ride.  It’s a regular ride (maybe a bit shorter than normal) followed by a bit of a social session back at the hall.

It means we’ll buy vast quantities of the cheapest mince pies we can get our hands on so the mince pie mountain lasts us well into June or July 2018.  But apparently best before dates are just advisory anyway.  Please post up on the club website or on FB to say you’re coming.

Our effort will look nothing like this!

Yours sincerely,

Mr Kipling

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  1. We need to buy new ones for this year? Wow.

    It’s a scientifically claimed fact* that cockroaches and the GMBC mince pie stash will be the two things to survive the upcoming Trump inspired nuclear holocaust. In tests, the mince pies haven’t killed anybody. Yet.

    *From fake sources and dodgy empirical evidence.

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