OK’s Ride Report

A few weeks back 6 of us headed out from Milngavie on a cold, grey morning for a bit of an adventure into the Old Kilpatricks.  Thankfully the dry spell meant the going was fairly easy on our trans-OK’s route.  After navigating Windy Hill & Hardgate we followed our noses and some faint trails as the trail undulated over ridges in the direction of Kilmannan & Burncrooks.

We had some great views and a different perspective of the Campsies.  Eventually we made it to the foot of the Whangie where we split – 3 heading for the Whangie and the other 3 opting for home.  A cracking day out exploring what’s on the doorstep.  Hopefully Gav and the other riders involved in the OK’s trail developments will only make this better.

More photos.

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