Posting sensitive date – here & on the FB page

Folks, we have 323 members in our club FB page (which is fantastic). We have new members contacting us and asking to join the page on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, that does come with some risk.  Especially here on the club website, where the pages are open to the general public.

The reason for this post is to ask you all of being extremely diligent when posting sensitive data i.e. Strava routes starting from your home/works address, personal locations, essentially any info relating to the whereabouts of your bike(s).

This is just a informative warning rather than you all being informed on the back of an incident. The administrators for the page are all long term club members/committee members. Whilst we vet the applications on a regular basis, the odd one may slip through. We have had an influx of undesirables recently, which we’ve carefully rejected. My own gut feeling tells me that they ain’t here to find out ideas for new trails, rather to establish the location of your prized possessions.

We have had a few members recently lose their bike to theft. Not directly linked to the FB page, we just want you all to be mindful.

Best regards

The committee.

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