SMBO Roll Call – Your Club Needs You!

Hi folks,

As you probably all know, for the 2nd year running, our club is hosting one of the 2014 Scottish Mountain Bike (SMBO) events.  It was a huge success last year due to the hard work and help offered by committee and club members.

It kicks off on Saturday 12th April from Milngavie & Bearsden Sports Club at 9am and we could do with some of your support again please.  The required support is varied, so we need help with the following please:

Master Bakers – Homemade or supplied cakes/tray bakes for participants on the day.  Ruairdich, Dawn and Gillian, your names are already down for this…any more?

Registration Extraordinaire – Someone to assist at registration.

Start & Finish host – Someone to assist with dibber activation at the beginning and end of the event.  Chris, you excelled at this last year…fancy another shot? 😉

Slaves – only kidding, we do need assistance at collecting the checkpoints that we’ve dotted around the area over the previous few days.  You can bring your bike and turn it into a ride at the end, especially if you don’t take part in the event – that’s what I’ll be doing.

Event Participants – Come along an represent your club, we had a few podium winners last year and I know there are already a few of you entered.  Come and have a go, the prizes involve beer 🙂

Any assistance you can lend is a huge help.  Thanks again and I hope to see you there.


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  1. Hi Barry – I’m signed up for the event and will be available to help set up & clear up the “event village” at the hall. I’ll make myself available for any set up on the Friday night and early Saturday morning and then post-race to help collect checkpoints. As long as I can get into the club bar afterwards for a recovery beer!! 🙂

  2. Alright Barry? As i said before I would really like to take part in the event! Hope its ok to “pay at the door”, But Ill turn up as early as I can to help out in any way. Also dont mind helping out after the event to take in markers ect. Oh and Im with Graham on the beer at the end haha. Cheers.

  3. LOL who made me into a dancing purple freak,class!!!

    • Hi Scott – it’s the website that does that. If you don’t upload an image it picks one for you. I think if you click on it and follow the instructions you can update it with a photo of your choosing.

    • Create account on, then connect GMBC “Jetpack” with your account, then create an account at GAVATAR and link it to you email adress used on GMBC site….or simply create account on GAVATAR and link it with GMBC account.

  4. Just wondering what time I should arrive to help out tomorrow? I can be there before if needed, or later on to help out after, or both. Cheers, Alden

    • Hi Alden

      Barry and I will be there to set up from about 7.30. But if you could come along any time between 8.30 and 9.00 that would be a great help. See you in the morning.


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