Torridon Weekend Away 14-16 September

Hi Folks,

I am looking at booking the ever popular Torridon weekend away trip for the 14-16 September this year.

Likely plan:

  • Drive up to accommodation Friday night approx 3.5/4 hrs drive
  • Big ride on Saturday
  • Return to accommodation Saturday night, chat, good times, food and drink.
  • Smaller ride on Sunday
  • Return home Sunday afternoon

Accommodation: Hopefully a hostel of some sort. TBC once we know numbers.

Distance: 45-50km, 1300m ascent. More can be added towards the end if we’re going well!

Terrain: Black grade. Rocky, very steep in places, some exposure, occasional drop offs. Distance adds extra difficulty – it’s harder when you’re tired!

Fitness: We won’t be pushing a super fast pace but it’ll be a reasonably long day and you should be comfortable you can handle several (7+?) hours in the saddle.

Bike: A well maintained mountain bike, full sus is ideal given the terrain.

Clothes & Kit: It’ll be September, in the mountains, on the west coast of Scotland so your guess on the conditions is as good as mine. It could be sunny, it could be snowing, it could be raining. You’ll need waterproofs and spare layers – not just to keep you warm while pedaling but also if we need to stop at altitude for any mechanicals. Hopefully the midges will have departed by then but a head net might help too.

Cost: Somewhere between £50 and £70 for accommodation, plus an extra few quid for food, again depending on numbers.

What I need from you as soon as possible…

Please post up if you are interested BY THURSDAY 5th JULY. I will start looking at accommodation options when I have numbers.

Here’s some photo’s from one of the previous trips……looks awesome!!

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  1. Ramsay MacFarlane

    Aw man, gutted – this is the weekend of Pitfichie SES otherwise I’d be right on board!

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