Woohoo – we have a new clubhouse!

At the end of last year, concerns were raised around some of the practicalities of our clubhouse venue. The committee listened and over the last few months, we have been in contact with several different venues to ensure that the club’s requirements can be met and have found, what we believe to be a fantastic premises!

Introducing GMBC’s new clubhouse….Gavin’s Mill.

Gavin’s Mill

Situated on Gavin’s Mill Way (via the road into Tesco Milngavie), Gavin’s Mill (run by volunteers) operates as a fair trade shop and café owned by the Gavin’s Mill Community Project and is described as “a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which aims to look after Gavin’s Mill as a community resource, and to work with local community groups to develop it into a centre for sustainable food and crafts, building on the heritage of the Mill and its surroundings.”

From early discussions, we were delighted with the Mill’s ethos and enthusiasm to work with local groups as well as being open and amenable to meet our club’s requirements (e.g. enabling us to fit a new tap so we can wash our bikes!)

To ensure we maintain good relations going forwards we ask that you please take note of the following:-

Car Parking

Club members who wish to make use of the Tesco car park during club rides should provide note of their car registration to Tesco Milngavie front desk, to ensure that the 3-hour parking limit restriction is lifted.

Please note, GMBC take no responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered from your use of the Tesco car park facility.

Bike Wash

The bike wash tap is located within the disabled toilet (this is located on the left of the building as you enter the main door) and the nominated committee keyholder will be responsible for setting up and dismantling the extension hose for club members washing their bikes.

We request that bikes are washed at the side of the building where drainage is located.


We will keep the club’s tea, coffee, biscuits and mugs in a clear plastic crate, stored in the small space to the left of the downstairs café. All club members are requested to wash, dry and tidy away any mugs/items after use.

Cleaning up

We ask that all club members ensure any mud, water, dirt, etc. is swept and mopped up as required in order to leave area clean for volunteers opening the Mill the following morning. If club members are muddy, please use outdoor seats brought into downstairs area to minimise transferring this mess onto the Mill restaurant seats as best as possible.

And finally…as we start to roll into the lighter nights then what better way to familiarise yourself with the new clubhouse than turning up to a club ride?! First official ride from the new clubhouse will be tomorrow’s Intro Ride (Wednesday 10th April) at 7pm followed by a post-ride cuppa and the best value brand biscuits we can buy (from Tesco, of course!)

Hopefully see you on the trails soon!

GMBC Committee 2019

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  1. Great to see ! Given that access is reliant on a committee member being present can you please confirm which rides this will apply to ? Tue 7 ?, Wed 7 ? Wed 745 ? Sunday am ?

    and realising you are all busy people, what’s the score when no committee folk are there ?

  2. Well Iain, you my friend have unwittingly nominated yourself as a key bearer!
    We will be approaching a handful of regular GMBCers regarding key access shortly.
    It you recall, that’s how the club worked it when we were based at St Andrews church and it worked fine there.

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