10 Under: Roll Call

Just under 2 weeks to go now.  Who’s going?  What’s the plan?  Who’s staying where?  Are Dales coming up with a squad?  I’m not riding but I’ll be up there to cheer folks on/take photos/get in the way.

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  1. Half day and up on Friday evening. Sleeping in the car Friday night. Most likely staying up on Saturday night, probably with beer. back down the road on Sunday morning. Not given any thought to what to do on Saturday night.

  2. Heading up on Friday morning,camping at Nevis range fri and sat, now in the solo event,partner pulled out of pairs!
    Stuart,ure more than welcome to stay in our tent’it’s a 6man,only me and the wife staying in it.

  3. I’ll be heading up on the Friday too. Probably early afternoon. I’ll be during the first part of Saturday but will head off a bit later to help out at a different event. I’ll be back in the early evening to join in the beers & food. I’ll probably be camping in a posh campsite nearer to Ft Bill and will just drive up for the event. I’ll have a bike with me so will be up for a ride on the Sunday – although I reckon I’ll be the only one riding on the Sunday.

  4. I’m still swithering. I’ll be driving up Saturday am – either camp at where Stuart and Thomas are, or head back down the road.

    BTW – night road closures on the A82: http://www.trafficscotland.org/roadworks/details.aspx?id=c527878

  5. Oh, and AD is bringing his van and Gazeebo and has extended an invite in the pit areas to GMBC riders.

  6. Got a Facebook from Klaus (of the ‘Shire , Lakes 2013 fame) – he’s also camping at the Glen Nevis with some other pals (presumably also of the ‘shire).

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