2015 Club Tops- Update and for Sale

There are a few folks still needing to pick up their club kit. If you are one of them let me know and we can make arrangements.

We ordered a number of spare tops and these are now available for those who missed the original order. In addition, the manufacturing issue with the short sleeve jerseys has left us with a number of small sized jerseys which are now surplus. As the club has not had to pay for these, and due to the limited number of folk they will fit, they are being sold off at a discounted rate. The available club kit and prices are as follows:

Mens Short Sleeve ¾ Zip  – 5 small (£15 each), 4 medium, 1 large, 1 xx-large, 1 xxx-large (all £41.62)

Mens Long Sleeve full zip – 1 small, 1 large (£59.36 each)

Unisex MTB ¾ sleeve – 1medium, 1 large (£56.30 each)

 Let me know if you are interested in any of the above.

As with the original order if you are a paid up member you will, receive a £10 discount on your order. £10 refunds are currently being distributed on Tuesday nights.



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  1. Shotgun a men’s SS 3/4 small pleeeez.

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