Additional Path Maintenance Session Needed

East Dunbartonshire Council have provided some gravel to Milngavie Golf Course which is for the section of Clyde Coastal Path beside the golf club and leading to their car park.  This piece of trail is the rutted one just down from the golf club where the railway sleeper bridge has recently been replaced.  We’re looking for volunteers to shovel and compact the gravel onto the path.

Ideally it’ll be sometime after Easter but before the next session (16-Apr).  We’re thinking 02-Apr.  Are you free to help out that day or can you suggest an alternative date that you are free to help?  6-8 people is probably enough.  To volunteer either post up here or email info[AT]gmbc[DOT]org[DOT]uk

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  1. Sorry I would have come but im away that weekend

  2. Hi – as we’ve only got 2 volunteers for tomorrow’s session we’ll have to put it on hold for now. Is anyone free on Sat. 09-Apr instead?

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