Lakes Loop

Believe it or not, the weather looks good for next weekend, at least at the moment.So if you are not doing the CRC Selkirk marathon here is an alternative. It is 150 miles with big climbs some hike-bikey mostly off road. 3 long days would be good going but so would 4 days, leaving early on friday. The idea would pick up B&B/hostels along the way to keep things flexible and travel very light. Al (no helmet) is interested but we are going to take a rain check on wednesday.
Sorry about short notice

sneaky ‘wee’ sunday night ride

Tim & I decided to work off some of the beer and chips/kebabs we had consumed at the Edinburgh Real Ale Festival on Friday. Tim was keen to do the Whangie but I managed to persuade him to try something different, the descent off the ridge between Dumgoyne and Strathblane. We took in the riverslide along the way and down the Westie which they have ‘improved’ so there is no losing the front wheel, axle deep in mud, but the old railway path was just as wet as ever. The big climb up was repaid with a fantastic sunset and views over Loch Lomond. There then followed a certain amount of bog trotting, yes it has been particularly wet recently, following various and vague quad bike tracks. Saddles down, glasses on to try and keep the mud out of your eyes, but the real difficulty was keeping the sun out our eyes as we headed down. At this point Tim announces that his front brake isn’t working too well. Hmmm we are now well and truly committed as we reached the edge as the path drops out of sight and Tim’s jaw drops. Thankfully Tim’s new grippy tyres compensated for the lack of braking as he ripped down past me. Running home on empty tanks, Tim suggested it would make a good sunday morning ride.

soggy wednesday 2 – Kilpatricks

4 of us met up at the Bowling Basin carpark: Euan/Superlight, Euan/Boardman; Dean/Lapierre and me. Euan SL lead us off to a path between the garage and pub behind the houses and then on to the Crags Circular path. The instant climb quickly warmed us up as we headed up behind the quarry. Great views over the Clyde and sunshine promised, butdidn’t happen. We continued to climb up through the trees with me trailing behind and then out along to Loch Humfrey where it started to get wet as we headed back to the Crags path. Dean now led us down the now very wet grassy fast path. So difficult to see though our mud spattered eyes, was our only complaint. We then climbed around Overtoun House and down that narrow rutted path into the houses. All the climbs were well worth it, the best fun I have had in the mud and rain for a while.

shortest night ride

Well it is nearly that time of the year again. so here is an idea for some mid summer madness. Saturday 18th June leave Milngavie for sunset in the west from The Wangie then over to the east to Knockie Buckle for sunrise, weather permitting, then breakfast.
Alternative, even roadie/crossbike suggestions welcome
see you

Culra Bothy Weekend 8-10th April


Hi All,

This is a gentle reminder for the bothy trip next weekend, in case you missed it……….

It is out the Phil McKane book (see Bothy file link above) which is basically 2 loops; Ben Alder 30km and Ardverikie 35km from the bothy. There is a 10km ride in and out of Dalwhinnie about1.5hrs should do it with big pack and no punctures. The options are: to go in on Friday early evening remembering that the sunset will be around 8pm; or in on Saturday, dropping your gear and doing a loop or opening a bottle.

Here is a link to the Culra Bothy: for more information it accommodates up to 22 in 3 rooms

In terms of gear:

  1. Individual gear
    1. Sleeping bag
    2. Thermarest or similar
    3. Torch
    4. Food plates & utensils
    5. Water/chlorine tablets
    6. Dry/change of clothes
    7. Bottle of your choice
    8. Loo paper
    9. Bags to carry rubbish out
  1. Shared Gear around group
    1. Stove and fuel
    2. Matches and candles
    3. Dry firewood or coal
    4. Firelighters
    5. Pans/kettle
    6. Washing up stuff
    7. Bike spares/tools
    8. Route map

So packs will be bigger than usual. We can sort out the shared gear when numbers are known. So far we have: Rob Rankin, Al(no helmet)  myself and a few nibblers

I would suggest that we have a plan B in case the weather is piss poor.

Please let me know if you are interested or got any suggestions…………..

Cheers Chris