Trek Procaliber 2016 For Sale

Hi everyone,

Hope you don’t mind an old friend offering first dibs on her race bike 🙂

Trek Procaliber 9.8sl 2016 (L) £2,400
Details here…
Advertising on here before posting further a field.
Please email for further info/photos if interested, phone signal is a bit ropey in the highlands. Hope you are all well.

Catch you on the trails soon I’m sure.


Fair City Enduro – this Saturday!!

Get your names down for this…

This was my first enduro & I would recommend it to anyone that’s had doubts on whether or not to race. This will get you hooked! It’s a super fun event whether your a keen a racer or out for a laugh.

Everyone rides the course blind, there is no practice… I remember this being pretty scary, what if there’s a 7 foot drop?! There wont be…if in doubt roll it out… most in the club will manage these trails. At the end of the day, it’s how fast you take that risk 🙂 it’s very addictive. Just go for it!

I’ll be heading over & if the terms and conditions are concrete you could be chasing a flamingo through the woods…


Lazer Blade Helmet – White Silver – 58-61cm/L
Never Used – Too Big for Me
Info :

Bontrager Montrose Elite Saddle, 138mm (VL-1716, P/N:439195)
Never Used – stock saddle from new bike
Info :

Bontrager Evoke RXL, hollow Ti rails, 138mm (VL-2170, P/N:440376)
Tested a few times – stock saddle from 2015 Trek Superfly 9.8 SL
Info : (not my post)





Someone recommended a physio for cyclists on one of the local rides a wee while ago. I think the physio was linked to a triathlon club. Looking to get hooked up for advice on shoulder injury.

Any recommendations welcome.



Take Care of your Trails Weekend – Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th April 2015.

Take Care of your Trails Weekend – Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th April 2015.

A nationwide, coordinated weekend of volunteer-based trail maintenance events happening across Scotland.
Aim – to highlight the quality and quantity of trail repair work that is happening across Scottish mountain biking and to get more people involved in helping out with the maintenance of their local trails.

Find more info here on locations & how to sign up……/take-care-of-your-trails-weekend-11…

Ben Lomond is needing a push.

Highland E-guide

Have a look at the new E-guide from Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS) at Scottish Cycling. There are 21 natural routes and some trail centres being promoted across at the highlands that may interest a few of you. Any feedback would be great here or on the DMBinS facebook page.