Ciaran path, devil’s staircase ride

If anyone isn’t doing the first aid etc. and fancies a ride this Saturday (22nd April), I’m heading up to the King’s House Hotel to ride ciaran path via the devil’s staircase.

Good couple of options for mid- and post- ride refreshment, though be prepared for rocky technical trails (I’ll be taking pads) and obviously the usual weather.

Riding from 10.30 at King’s House.  Should be a good day out, the forecast is good!

Carn Ban Mor / Laggan

If anyone fancies it I’m heading up tomorrow (Sat 9th) to do (weather and stream heights permitting) Carn Ban Mor and then drive across to play at Laggan for a while.

I will be setting off at 10am prompt (with some food) from the car park up Glen Feshie. Post here if you are interested.  I have one space in the car currently, free petrol for anyone that comes along as I’m just running an errand really.

I need to be done by 4pm as I’m picking my daughter up at the cafe in Laggan at that time.

Post here or on the thread of Facebook if you’re interested.

Lennox ride anyone?

I’m planning on doing the Lennox forest trails on Sunday 13th morning- my default option is to start at Kirkintilloch although if it suits the masses better I can ride across to milngavie for the start.  It’ll be a 9am start to let me get home for 12ish.

Anyone fancy it? I’ll be gentle on the climbs, some interesting descending but some fairly chilled out too.


Bike theft…

Hi all, just got told a friend’s specialized crux cyclocross bike was stolen today from outside the dental hospital in town. If you anyone thinks they’ might’ve seen it or gets offered one at a price that’s almost too good to be true, get in touch and I’ll pass on any info. Apparently the bike was only 2 months old, and not cheap.

Keep your bikes well locked up out there folks!

Firework Ride

Don’t forget the firework ride this Wednesday (2nd November).

Bring as many fireworks/sparklers as you can fit in your camelbak (or panniers if you’re feeling particulalry burny), and join us for a ride out to a mystery remote spot where we can let them off accompanied by some hot dogs and mulled wine (courtesy of GMBC).

Non (paid up!) members will be pushed off a cliff and/or burnt in a large doll fashioned from wicker.

Hope the weather’s decent!


Trail centre weekend – 26th-27th November – Dumfries and Galloway

Final call for anyone that fancies a trail centre weekend on the last weekend of November. It should be a good boost as the natural trails get more claggy (if that is possible) and the nights draw in.

The plan is to head down on Saturday morning, ride all day, then take some beer and food up to the bunkhouse at Marthrown of Mabie and stuff our faces, followed by more riding the next day.

There are plenty of trail centres close to the bunkhouse, so even the most energetic should satisfy their riding urges.

I want to get the deposit paid by early next week so email me to arrange payment by then if you are keen to go.


Chairman Luke

AGM – 30th November, St Andrew’s Church Hall

Hi all,

Just to clarify some points recently brought up regarding the AGM-

– It’s a great place to give feedback to the committee and have your say as a member if you’ve been unable to get in touch with us some other way for whatever reason, for instance if you live under a rock and/or never ride with the club.

– In the interests of getting the best views, including those of any former members, the committee welcome anyone with anything to say to the AGM, member or otherwise.

– Note that if you wish to vote on any matters in the AGM (or in the event of an EGM), you MUST be a member of the club. Filled out membership forms and cash can be given to a committee member at any point prior to the start of the AGM (including on the night ten minutes before), (although why you would have waited 11 months to pay up is beyond the comprehension of the committee).

Hopefully I’ll see plenty of you out on the trails before then. I know I’m already looking forward to the firework night ride.


Chairman Luke


Hi all, just a reminder that nights are starting to draw in, and if you’re going to be out till 10, you’ll need lights.

For the Wednesday beginner ride at 7pm we’ll try to be back in time not to need them unless you’re riding home, but they might be helpful for some of the bits in the woods if you have them.


Ben Lomond Saturday Ride Report

I think it’s fair to say we got lucky with the weather today.  Only 3 of us set off, with Chris and son absent due to late Friday night “pre ride maintenance”.  Pushing and carrying up almost immediately, and stopping plenty to admire the views (and try and work out if we would be able to ride any of this on the way back down) , we eventually reached the plateau where some pedalling was possible.

Once on the plateau, the peak was in sight and surprisingly soon we were carrying up the final stretch to the summit, where we stopped for a bite to eat, phone calls to loved ones we feared we wouldn’t see again*, pictures of Jung to prove to his mates he had got up on a Saturday morning, and to admire the views all around us.

Saddles dropped, pads on for the two of us that had them, and it was time to see what the trail really would be like to ride.  It turned out to be surprisingly rideable going down, with only the odd wrong line choice and one instance of  chickening out robbing me of full man points, but the descent was making the carry completely worthwhile, and putting smiles on faces all around – including all but one of the walkers, who were treating us with the kind of respect and kindness normally reserved for escapees from institutions for the criminally insane.

Just before the plateau, a taste of things to come started, when the first puncture occured, my friend Paul being the victim.  This was followed by a puncture for Jung, 2 broken valves attempting to replace one punctured tube, another puncture (Jung I think!) and finally having to resort to patches around halfway down the descent.  Nearing the bottom, Jung had a final puncture, but to cries of “leave the weak”, he decided to just walk back to the car.  I was glad (some might say “overly smug” I’d put my dual ply tyres on last night, despite the extra weight to carry up.

We again found ourselves having to walk (and pass bikes down the slope) at Granny Catcher, but managed to ride the rest of the lower section with man points intact, making it back to the car closely followed by Jung.


*may be an embellishment