Mugdock SMBO Photos & Belated Thank Yous

Belatedly, what a crackin’ day the SMBO event turned out to be!  The feedback from the competitors was really positive; a great course, a well organised HQ, great prizes and great soup and cakes.  Hopefully it’ll spur some folks on to try an SMBO event next year or to help out if we organise another one in the future.

A big thank you needs to go to Tenn Outdoors (shorts and snoods) and Dales Cycles (goodie bags) and various club members for supplying prizes for the event, Bullands Coffeehouse and Andrew Smith’s wife for supplying the soup. There’s a lot of work beforehand, on the day and afterwards so a big thank you to everyone involved in helping out with setting up the hall, obtaining prizes from sponsors, managing registration, issuing maps, collecting back in all the checkpoints and signage, the excellent homebaking crew, prize giving officials and the hall clean up team.  It’s definitely a team effort so thanks to everyone involved.

A special thank you to Angus, Tom and Will for setting up the course and printing the maps and finally a special mention to the big fat high pressure sitting over Scandanavia for the epic sunshine.

I finally managed to upload some of the photos from the SMBO event ….