Intro Rides

Hi, this is a request to regular GMBC riders.  We’ve had quite a lot of interest from new riders about the Intro rides at 7pm on Wednesdays.  Last week we had 18 folks out on the Intro ride with a fair % being new to the club and/or the sport.  If you’re a regular rider and fancy getting out on the Intro ride then it would be great if you could do your bit to help the ride go smoothly.  Things like either taking a split of better riders off for a faster/more techy ride or helping out with headcounts, marking junctions & turns or riding at the back making sure the group you’re in stays together.  Thanks to Chris, Rob, Neil and Ryzsard for keeping an eye out for folks last week.  With the good weather we could see a good turn out again this week so having a few regulars on hand is a great help to keep things moving.

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