Ride tonight?

Good weather? Check!
Dry trails? Check!
Chocolate biscuits? Errr, check?

So who’s up for a spin tonight? As the good weather is set to hold, perhaps a wee Whangie or Auchengillan raid might be in order?



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  1. Am going. Looking forward to not getting soaking wet and freezing cold

  2. Sounds great, but I postponed Valentines shenanigans till tonight, so I’m out…sorry. 6 of us out last night and the trails are the driest I’ve seen them in a long time.

  3. Curses! A dry week and I’m choked with a cold……AGAIN!!! When I was up there with Sam a few weeks ago the Whangie descent was largely bone dry and frozen solid. There were a few patches of sheet ice which I’d have thought will either have melted or dried up. Reckon it would be a great ride tonight. Have fun!

  4. Sam_I hate hillclimbs_Groves

    Graham, you forgot to mention the new high fence we had to climb and lift bikes over with some difficulty…. best you explain where to those thinking of going out…

  5. Oh yeah, forgot the new big fence. It’s a deer fence that runs up the hill just behind the phone mast/base station. No obvious gates or stile to get over.

    Sanny – I’m sure you’re familiar with the route we took – head along the road from Carbeth, pass Auchengillan and then pass the farm shop, turn left off the main road, pass a house on the left and then a steep fireroad climb before reaching the phone mast at the edge of the moor. The deer fence is behind that phone mast.

  6. I’ll be out later, 7.30ish at the car park.

  7. Count me in.

    See you at 7.45 in the car park.

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