The Whangie and Auchengillan night ride of awesome awesomeness!

With the last few days being cold and crisp, I was keen to give the Whangie a go. It’s been a while and the possibility of the normally boggy top track being a wee bit firmer than usual appealled. Despite the perfect winter conditions, a paltry six folk showed up at the club. Seriously, 6? WTF!

Despite the potentially ideal conditions on offer, Iain decided to opt for the urban route. Excuses made, it was left to Donald, Chris and I to fly the Whangie flag and off we went. The spin up the Westie was lovely, the cobbled climb from the golf course despatched with ease. For the punter in the tent by Craigallion, it may have come as a surprise as the flashing lights whizzed by him but we were on a mission. Keen to make the most of the night, we climbed up and over Carbeth for the swoopy singletrack descent to the pub. It was without doubt in the best nick I have ever ridden it. No mud with just the right level of grip. To say we flew down would be an understatement.

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Another lovely Wed night ride – Loch Ardinning

…. Six was the magic number last night as Pistol Pete, Iainc, Chris J, myself, Rossco and Gavin headed out for a spin. Dougalston was despatched in quick time followed by a spin around the reservoir as we headed up to Loch Ardinning. Taking an alternative route I had scoped out a few weeks ago and which will make for a nice summer alternative, we popped out on the main Loch Ardinning trails having avoided the slough of despond where the cattle have done their best to make things unpleasant. Continue reading

So who is riding tonight?

It’s going to be dry after several days of settled weather so hopefully the trails will be in good nick.

I’m thinking something like Ardinning via Dougalston and the reservoir if folk are up for it? I’ve got an alternative way into Ardinning that would make a nice change from the usual.



Topper Wed night ride

…..And so it was that four hardy souls braved the elements (ok, it was a touch chilly) and headed out into the inky darkness of Mugdock. Pistol Pete, Tom “trainer wheels” Downie, Genius McConcept and I headed out via Dougalston on some fairly hard frozen trails. Carefully avoiding the dumpling in a BMW in Virgin Active who appeared keen to reverse into us, we opted for a fast blast round the trails above the reservoir before heading across to the rocky rooty and out to Carbeth. As we headed out towards Craigallion, the snow started to appear on the trails and made for terrific riding – grippy and fast. Pete took us through Carbeth for a play on what’s left of the new trails before taking us down a cracking singletrack descent to the Carbeth Inn that I’d not ridden before. Genius opted for the early bath while the three amigos headed back along the Westie and in via the riverbank and golf club trails. Despite the disadvantage of riding on 26er wheels ( trainer wheels / kiddies bike / delete as appropriate), Tom commented that it was one of the nicest evening rides he’d done in a while with zero faff and a reasonable pace to ensure that no one got cold.

All in, it was a really nice night to be out with the trails in near perfect condition. So where was everyone else?

So who is riding tonight?

The weather doesn’t look too bad so who is up for riding tonight? I have a strange notion for Auchengillan as we’ve not ridden up there in ages and it’ll be no wetter than anywhere else. Actually, even the Whangie low path would be fun. Just make sure you bring a back light!




Lakes Weekend Away – Chapeau!

Just a quick thank you to Graham for organising the Lakes Weekend Away. I’m particularly impressed that he was able to book such fine weather to coincide with his 40th!

Looking forward to seeing the pics and reading the ride reports from Walna Scar and the Borrowdale Bash.

Funnily enough, no one seemed keen to join Dene, Shearer, Kev and I on our Ambleside to Keswick mission. It ws a biggish day with some 8 hours of pretty much non stop riding (and carrying!). The descents were super technical and the views stunning. Heck, we even managed to get back in daylight which was a pleasant surprise.

Yesterday was Ullock Pike off Skiddaw and the silly steep descent off Doups. If you like steep, loose and rocky technical descending, you’d struggle to find anything steeper, looser or rockier. At times, it felt more like falling with style than riding as we plummeted down to the valley floor.






Well that was wetter than an otters pocket…and bloody good fun!

To nobody’s surprise , a select two of us headed out tonight for a spin up to Loch Ardinning. It wasn’t so much muddy as biblical level wet.Much of the riding was under water and yet despite that, we had a riot. It was dodge the frog time as we took the longer route round the loch with the constant fat rain making its presence felt. With plenty of good chat ranging from retrobike to the latest doping revelations from the pro tour, we seemed to whizz round in double quick time with me getting back home to the west end just gone ten. Not bad for a decent length of ride on a wet October night.