Save The Date: 09-Dec – GMBC Christmas Night Out

GMBC Christmas Party Night

It’s open to club members and a partner.  Booking details and menu options are available on our WebCollect site:

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  1. I’m astounded that the Christmas night out has been arranged at Siempre again after the shocking manner in which they treated us last year. I’m not alone in being owed a course from that visit, nevermind how the bar was closed early and we were hussled out. I won’t be going back.

  2. Bah Humbug Ryszard! I was one of the few who didn’t receive a starter (I believe the chef ate it as I was fashionably late), however I was offered two beers in it’s place…a justifiable result. That in my book deserves them another chance. Get it booked Scrooge 😉

  3. You’ve changed your tune since the conversation several of us had post-ride shortly before this was announced ;~) They were unable to deliver a meal booked weeks in advance, service and food were mediocre, they couldn’t wait to get rid of us, and I wasn’t offered anything in lieu of the missing course I’d paid for. That was another chance, remember how they overcharged us on a previous visit? Hope you have better luck this year.

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