Week Day Rides – Tuesday & Wednesday

Midweek club rides start from Milngavie & Bearsden Sports Club (see map below), which is a short bike ride from the station.  There’s no need to join GMBC to come along to your first few rides.  The routes and durations vary to suit the conditions & those present.  Tea, biscuits, changing facilities and bike wash are available afterwards.  All you need is a well maintained off road suitable bike, a spare tube, pump and multi-tool and some enthusiasm.

During Autumn, Winter and Spring (Sept – April) you will also need a set of lights powerful enough to ride offroad which will last about 3 hours (for example, Solar Storm lights or these from Planet X/Magic Shine.)

Remember: no-helmet, no ride!

We have three mid-week rides to choose from:

  1. 7.00pm on Tuesdays
  2. 7.45pm on Wednesdays
  3. 7.00pm on Wednesdays (Introductory Ride – pace & distance to suit those present)

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30th Anniversary Jerseys Coming Soon…..

As most of you will be aware 2017 is Glasgow Mountain Bike Club’s 30th birthday. As we did for the 25th anniversary, there will the a 30th anniversary jersey to celebrate this.

We have been working on the new jerseys and enlisted the help of graphic design guru Mario Aquaro, who is currently putting the finishing touches to the design.

We will be using Pactimo as the supplier as we did in 2015 and purchases will be through their web shop again. We hope to have the shop open early-mid April (so don’t spend all your wages on bike bits just yet).

More details soon….


Space Available on First Aid Course

We have a few spaces left for the upcoming outdoor 1st aid course (22 & 23 April).  It will be taught by a mountain rescue member and a qualified MTB guide and will cover practical outdoor emergency care.  The course satisfies the requirements of a lot of outdoor qualifications like MBLA.  The spaces are available to members (£30) and non-members (£60) – so it even makes sense to join GMBC just to do the course!!

The spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis.  Please pass this message on to any friends who would benefit.  To reserve your space please email infoATgmbcDOTorgDOTuk or sign into Webcollect and book your space.

First Aid


It’s Here: GMBC Fantasy MTBer League

Here it is – your chance to take part in a bit of fun against your clubmates to see who is the top GMBC member, based on a shonky scoring system.  The idea is to encourage some participation and friendly competition and promote a few activities during the club’s 30th anniversary year.

How does it work?

  1. Participate in activities on the list
  2. Earn points
  3. The points are tallied and the league table is published occasionally

What could I win?

A warm feeling of self-satisfaction that you are indeed an awesome member of GMBC.  Apart from that we may have some very naff prizes and use the results for some sort of competition at the 30th anniversary weekend celebration.

What are the activities then?

Some are bike related and some aren’t.  You’ll get points for taking part or getting involved, you’ll get some bonus points for getting on a podium, you’ll sometimes get more points for helping to organise stuff.  Here’s a few examples of where points could be earned:

Paying your subs promptly, entering an SMBO, helping at trail maintenance, riding singlespeed, bonus points for organising the Mugdock SMBO, flipping burgers at the BBQ, organising rides, pulling someone out of the canal during the 12hour GMBC pub social ride, entering an organised event like 10 Under, taking KOMs off Tom Wylie 😉

Tab 2 – Full list of the activities and the scoring

NB: events in green are the current open events

How do I log my results?

In some cases you won’t need to log results as we’ll collect them as part of the activity.  However, sometimes you’ll need to log your results using this form.

Where do I see results and the League Table?

Tab 3 – Results Table

Tab 4 – Full League Table

Position Total Points Riders Comments


Julie Taylor-Flood Steaming out in the lead from her Strathpuffer result and being one of the first 3 women to renew their subs


Bosco Flood
In joint 2nd, the male contingent of the Strathpuffer mixed quads champions
Campbell Davidson
Steve Owens


Dave Ashton
And in joint 3rd place, a mix of new and returning members who all paid up sharpish to claim the 3 points available to be the first 3 male/female/new riders to pay subs plus getting the Early Bird bonus.
Fran Young
Hannah Hutchison
Iain Clow
Myriam Solar
Vicky Herbert
Will Aylward
Willie Muir


Barry Mears
A smattering of Strathpuffers, early birds and singlespeeders!
Chris Lowe
Graham Anderton
Iain Godber


Simon Haslam Points for singlespeeding!!


COMING SOON – GMBC Fantasy MTBer League

COMING SOON – a bit of light hearted competition/fun for the 30th anniversary year.  So, who’s the best* all round mountain biker and clubmate at GMBC?  There’s one way to find out!  Take part in club activities through the season and win points, building up to the 30th anniversary weekend away later this year.  There may (or may not) be some prizes, it’s mainly for bragging rights and bit of fun/banter in the pub.

How can I get points?  Get involved in club activities, represent the club at events, maybe even get the odd podium.  It’s not all about riding bikes fast though – there’s points on offer for joining certain social rides, flipping burgers at the club BBQ, doing trail maintenance and “trials riding” skills.

What next?  I’ll publish the table showing how you can score points and how you can log your eligible results.

* = highly subjective, Chairman’s decision is final.  Unless beer is offered, in which case the decision is open to negotiation 😉

Artists Impression of GMBC Fantasy Mountain Biker Podium

First Aid Training

As requested at the AGM, we’re arranging first aid training.  It’s a 2 day course over the weekend of 22/23 April.

The course will focus on outdoor first aid skills and will be delivered by an Emergency Medical Technician from the the Arrochar Mountain Rescue team who also happens to be a qualified mountain bike leader.  The course is in Rescue Emergency Care (Level 2) and is enough to satisfy the requirements for various outdoor qualifications, for example the Mountain Biker Leader Awards (MBLA) for trail leadership.

Priority will be given to current, paid up club members but if you’re interested in the course or have friends/colleagues who may be interested then let them know and we can include them in the list if we’re short of GMBC folks.  We’re aiming to get 10-12 people (3 people already confirmed as of 15/2).  The course fee would be a maximum of £50, with the possibility of a subsidy for club members who are willing to make their first aid skills available on club rides/events.  The fees include all course notes and certificate upon successful completion of the course.

A venue for the course will be advised once we have confirmation of enough interest to run the course.

If you’re interested in signing up or want to know more then please email info[AT]gmbc[DOT]org[DOT]uk