First Aid Training

As requested at the AGM, we’re arranging first aid training.  It’s a 2 day course over the weekend of 22/23 April.

The course will focus on outdoor first aid skills and will be delivered by an Emergency Medical Technician from the the Arrochar Mountain Rescue team who also happens to be a qualified mountain bike leader.  The course is in Rescue Emergency Care (Level 2) and is enough to satisfy the requirements for various outdoor qualifications, for example the Mountain Biker Leader Awards (MBLA) for trail leadership.

Priority will be given to current, paid up club members but if you’re interested in the course or have friends/colleagues who may be interested then let them know and we can include them in the list if we’re short of GMBC folks.  We’re aiming to get 10-12 people (3 people already confirmed as of 15/2).  The course fee would be a maximum of £50, with the possibility of a subsidy for club members who are willing to make their first aid skills available on club rides/events.  The fees include all course notes and certificate upon successful completion of the course.

A venue for the course will be advised once we have confirmation of enough interest to run the course.

If you’re interested in signing up or want to know more then please email info[AT]gmbc[DOT]org[DOT]uk

Week Day Rides – Tuesday & Wednesday

Midweek club rides start from Milngavie & Bearsden Sports Club (see map below), which is a short bike ride from the station.  There’s no need to join GMBC to come along to your first few rides.  The routes and durations vary to suit the conditions & those present.  Tea, biscuits, changing facilities and bike wash are available afterwards.  All you need is a well maintained off road suitable bike, a spare tube, pump and multi-tool and some enthusiasm.

During Autumn, Winter and Spring (Sept – April) you will also need a set of lights powerful enough to ride offroad which will last about 3 hours (for example, Solar Storm lights or these from Planet X/Magic Shine.)

Remember: no-helmet, no ride!

We have three mid-week rides to choose from:

  1. 7.00pm on Tuesdays
  2. 7.45pm on Wednesdays
  3. 7.00pm on Wednesdays (Introductory Ride – pace & distance to suit those present)

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COMING SOON – GMBC Fantasy MTBer League

COMING SOON – a bit of light hearted competition/fun for the 30th anniversary year.  So, who’s the best* all round mountain biker and clubmate at GMBC?  There’s one way to find out!  Take part in club activities through the season and win points, building up to the 30th anniversary weekend away later this year.  There may (or may not) be some prizes, it’s mainly for bragging rights and bit of fun/banter in the pub.

How can I get points?  Get involved in club activities, represent the club at events, maybe even get the odd podium.  It’s not all about riding bikes fast though – there’s points on offer for joining certain social rides, flipping burgers at the club BBQ, doing trail maintenance and “trials riding” skills.

What next?  I’ll publish the table showing how you can score points and how you can log your eligible results.

* = highly subjective, Chairman’s decision is final.  Unless beer is offered, in which case the decision is open to negotiation 😉

Artists Impression of GMBC Fantasy Mountain Biker Podium

Trail Maintenance Sessions 2017

We’ve arranged 2 trail maintenance sessions with Mugdock Country Park.  Dates are 11-Mar and 01-Apr.  If you want to volunteer (and haven’t already received an email about it) then please contact the email address mentioned in the calendar events on the club website.  It’ll be the usual mix of digging, wheel barrowing, wearing high-viz and holding clipboards.  Don’t worry if you can’t come for the whole day, even part of a day is helpful.

Trail Maintenance

Trail Maintenance: Take Care Of Your Trails Event


The icy madness that is the Strathpuffer 24

Strathpuffer StartLast weekend I made my annual trip to the frozen North to once again compete in the Strathpuffer 24. What usually awaits is 17 hours of darkness and conditions which vary every year from wet, to mud, to snow, to ice; but what’s always guaranteed is that it’ll be a challenge. This year I was once again competing in the pairs with my pal Liam, our goal was to get in 24 laps of the course in, and mine was to beat my previous PR of 12 laps.

In the queue waiting to get access to the forest at Strathpeffer we met up with the rest of the GMBC contingent, namely a quad made of Julie and Bosco along with Steven Owens and Campbell Davidson. Camps were set up on the fire road into the forest and we settled in for the night with a few beers and plenty of food.

I Godber Strathpuffer

Photo by Gary Williamson

Julie Strathpuffer 2017

Photo by Gary Williamson







The race itself started at 10am in freezing fog, but climbing on the first lap took you up and out and into the sunshine. The ground was hard and lap times were pretty quick, the downhill finish had also been resurfaced since last year so the misery of pedalling through 8” deep mud to complete each lap had also gone. Conditions remained like this for most of the day as we completed lap after lap. Once darkness fell though, so did the temperature (it got down to between -4 and -6 oC) and ice started appearing everywhere. After an impromptu visit into a tree and a moment on a fast decent where my back wheel overtook my front I decided to slow down and take things easier, I needed to finish this in one piece! Everything froze, water bottles, legs, fingers, gears, and the most valuable tool I used was a rubber mallet to bang the extra kilos of ice off the bike. Keeping the bike in working order was difficult but Keith McLellan had given me a tip last year to clean and lube the drivetrain and clean the pads as often as possible, this worked a treat although water just froze as soon as it hit the bike.

Keeping going through the night is always a tough one but passing the GMBC quads pit/camp each time they always encouraged us on. It was pretty clear they were in a close race and challenging for the podium.

Strathpuffer 2017

Photo by Ronan Dugan

Morning arrived and we got to see what we’d been cycling through all night, the sheet ice became a bit more visible as was the finish. At 1025 Liam came around the last set of bends to complete our pair’s 25th lap, we’d completed our goal and I’d churned out 14 laps too; we’d finished 20th out of 84 pairs, not bad for a couple of old blokes. Also at the finish were Julie, Steven, Campbell and Bosco who’d just finished, winning the Mixed Quads by half an hour after each completing 8 laps for a fantastic total of 32 laps, well done guys!

Packing up and getting home is probably the hardest part, but a few coffee and food stops along the way down the A9 at Newtonmore and Perth got us back in one piece. The washing and bike maintenance can wait for another day. Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation, the marshal’s who braved the cold for the whole race and our fellow competitors who kept us all company through the night.Mixed Quads Podium

Words: Ian Godber Photos: Gary Williamson, Ronan Dugan, Ian Godber

Velodrome taster session anyone ? Sun 19th March, 2pm

I have just updated the FB post with this.  If you are up for it, please let me know asap :

 Right folks, here’s the info from Glasgow Life. In summary, we block book, pay in advance, and we divide the cost by the number of riders. We need to fill it, at 15 people, to keep it to the minimum, which is £18 a head. There is availability on Sun 19th March at 2pm

So, who is up for Sun 19th March ? If we have enough within next few days I will book and pay for it, so if you post up you are committing to pay your share. We will open up to friends of club members etc to fill if required :

Thank you for your enquiry regarding booking a corporate group session on the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. Please note this is only a taster session meant for companies to book for team building. It does not count towards the accreditation process.

The maximum number in a group is 15 people and the minimum is 3 people. The session lasts one hour with a coach. The cost is £270 and all the equipment is provided. We suggest that you turn up at least half an hour before the session starts for everyone to pick up their kit, (helmets, shoes & bike). Please see enclosed further information on what a taster session will cover. All participants must follow the set programme and instructions of the Coach on the day.

If you would like to book a session at any of the above times, please let me know and I will check availability for you.

Please note we are unable to take provisional bookings for the Velodrome and all bookings are on a first come basis.

Full payment must be made once the booking is confirmed.

Barry "Nae Gears" Mears

Barry “Nae Gears” Mears

Knock Knock!

Anyone fancy a ride in snowy Strathearn tomorrow (Saturday 14th)?  Starting from Comrie Croft at 10:30am, heading in to Crieff on a lower path and exploring the local trails on The Knock before stopping for a cafe break.  After that it’s back to Comrie by whatever route people fancy.

Here’s the calendar entry for the ride…..

Comrie XC Exploration

Comrie Croft advised the roads are clear and have been treated, although there may be some snow & ice on the driveway up to the Croft.

Trails @ Crieff Hydro

Trails @ Crieff Hydro

GMBC 2017 Photo Calendars For Sale

Why not inspire yourself to get out and ride with our GMBC 2017 photo calendars?  It features a glossy A4 image each month plus a calendar grid to note down all the gnarly/easy/pub rides you’ll be doing.  The photos were voted on by folks who attended the AGM and were taken by fellow club members.  The locations include Torridon, Glen Tilt, Strathearn, Conic Hill and then exotic places like the Spanish Basque Coast…….. and Yorkshire.

The calendars are only £7 and they’re selling fast so what better way to grab a wee souvenir of the GMBC’s 30th anniversary year!  (this sales pitch is almost as good as anything you’d get from Barry Mears!!). 😉

OK, I’m sold, how do I get one??

Just go to Webcollect and click on the GMBC Calendar 2017 in the Events box and follow the steps.

Please order your calendar promptly so we can get them distributed ASAP so you can enjoy the January photo of Tom Downie riding a wintery Lammermuir Hills with his daughter in a bike trailer!!  I’ll arrange to distribute calendars on Wednesday rides.  Here’s a sample of the calendar images…..