Week Day Rides – Tuesday & Wednesday

Midweek club rides start from Milngavie & Bearsden Sports Club (see map below).  Routes and duration vary to suit the conditions.  Tea, biscuits, changing facilities and bike wash are available afterwards.  All you need is a well maintained off road suitable bike, a spare tube, pump and multi-tool and some enthusiasm.  At this time of year you will also need a set of lights powerful enough to ride offroad which will last about 3 hours (for example)

Remember: no-helmet, no ride!

We have three mid-week rides to choose from:

  1. 7.00pm on Tuesdays
  2. 7.45pm on Wednesdays
  3. 7.00pm on Wednesdays (Introductory Ride – pace & distance to suit those present)

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Balmahooha Ride

Hi folks,

I hope you’re all looking forward to the Balmaha weekend trip.  A big thank you to Dawn for organising it (again!) and to Lorna for transferring the bags (again!).  I’m sure it’ll be another great weekend and it’s great to see a lot of new faces coming along too.  As we’ve got a group of 20+ riders and we’re using a public path I thought I’d post up a few wee reminders to keep the ride running smoothly, I’m sure most of it is pretty obvious:

The recent snow could make some sections tricky or even icy – ride within your abilities!

Ride responsibly, control your speed and be aware of your surroundings and riders around you

We’re on shared paths so be polite to everyone we pass

If you have a bell please fit it and use it when passing pedestrians, if not then try a “hello” rather than “Oi, move it!”

If there’s something ahead to be aware of then shout “nose” back to warn others

If there’s something behind to be aware of then shout “tail” ahead to warn others

If you’re stopping unexpectedly shout “stopping” back to warn others

If we stop for any reason please remember to keep the path clear for others to pass through

If someone has a crash or a mechanical then either shout ahead or stop and make sure they’re OK, if not OK then send someone ahead to tell the others

We’ll have lots of gates to get through at one point so we’ll have some teamwork going to keep gates open

Consider packing a light in case you’re doing Conic Hill, have a mechanical and end up finishing at twilight

You’re responsible for your clothing, spares & food/water for the ride – pack & dress appropriately

Like I said, it’s all common sense (hopefully!).  See you all in Bullands on Saturday morning!

Vacancy: Easter Weekend Away

We’ve had 1 person pull out of the hostel for the Easter trip to Grantown so there’s a space going if you fancy it.  It’s first come, first served so fill in your name on this form if you’re interested:

Easter Trip sign up form

Even if you miss this opportunity but are still interested and would be happy to pay up if a space became available then fill your name in to be on the waiting list in case we get any other folks pulling out.

To everyone else who has signed up a wee reminder that the accommodation money £74 is needed by Fri 27th Feb – just over a month away.  After that point the accommodation money is non-refundable unless you can find someone to take your place.

Final Roll Call and Arrangements for Balmahoooha!

Hi all,
Given, as usual, the list of those going changes a little in final days this is the final notification of who I have and their accomodation (there is also a free twin room space with Gavin if anyone is interested in upgrading from Bunkroom or someone else joining in?)
Meeting point for next weekend is at Bullands, they should be expecting us so shouldnt be surprised when ~26 bikers wonder in :-)

I also want to point out the logistics. Bag droping will be courtesy of Lorna who has very kindly offered to drive a HGV of approximatly 26 bags to Balmaha for us. PLEASE keep bags to an absolute minimum, you’d be very surprised how much space that many bags takes up and we’d like Lorna to see out her back window :-)  Lorna will kindly also drive the bags back to Bullands for us on the sunday.

Meet time at Bullands: 9.30-10.15 am

Loading bags into car: 10.15am

Depart: 10.30am

Arrive: Some few hours later at Drymen for Cake/Coffee/Beer/Banter stop

Depart: Drymen an hour so later. There is a number of easier routes to Balmaha from here if anyone does not want to go over top of Conic.

Arrive: Balmaha, before dark! This means that time is limited in the pub stop in Drymen boys!

Showers/beer/food/more banter in front of big fire :-)

We’ll be sharing the Oak Tree with a large bunch of ultra runners who are super friendly and I highly recommend chatting to them – the majority of them could drink us lot under the table, trust me!

Looking forward to seeing you all!!!


‘Ard Work In Ardgarten

Epic isn’t a word that I’d have previously applied to Ardgarten, but add 6 inches of snow and it’s the only description.  A mixture of riding, slithering, and trudging through the snow, it was hard work and slow going much of the time, but blue skies, sunshine, and the views made it more than worthwhile.  However hard the going, spirits were constantly high, mostly about what a ridiculous endeavour we were embarked upon.  Even the comedy crashes were a laugh (although my bruised ribs are starting to disagree).  With the section from the frozen-over lochan to Lochgoilhead heavily snowbound, we were running seriously late and decided to take the road over the Rest And Be Thankful to have a fighting chance of finishing in daylight – after a leisurely stop for hot drinks and food :~)  The military road was something else, it was more like sledging than cycling: hold on, try to find some grip, and try to stay upright.  We eventually got back after about 6hrs, just as the light was fading.  Everybody demonstrated their handbrake turn on leaving the ice rink that doubled as a carpark.  That’s definitely a ride that I’ll be talking about for years to come.  Pencil in a return visit later in the year when the conditions are less extreme.

I learned something today – rim brakes and 6″ of snow do not mix well ;~p


Save the Date – Saturday 7th Feb


Paivi and Dave (old club members who moved to England) are coming up to Scotland for a weekend of biking, banter and beers weekend of 6th/7th February. They will be staying with us in Bridge of Allan but keen to hook up with folks for riding.

Plan loose at the moment, but idea will be to do something decent on the Saturday, probably up our way/Trossachs. Then do something local on the Sunday.

All TBC, but thought I’d give you a heads up- for those who know them, and for  anyone else who fancies coming out for a ride.

More details to follow- ride plans will be formulated nearer the time/weather situation.


Ardgarten Loop Sunday?

Weather for Sunday is looking good, anybody fancy getting some miles in?  For those unfamiliar with it, it’s ~20miles around the Ardgarten peninsula, mostly on fire road/forest track, with a more interesting section from the southern end into Lochgoilhead (nothing too bad, I’ve done it on a CX bike), and over the Rest And Be Thankful.  Opportunity for a stop in Lochgoilhead.  The forecast is for blue skies, and the views are big.  I’ll probably take the CX bike again.  Tracklog here.  Shout out if interested.


Sat 24th January – OK’s?

Anyone (Gav? Graham? Etc) fancy showing me and a few fellow ayrshirites around the Kilpatricks in a couple of weeks? It’s really not far from us, and I’ve been meaning to get up there for ages.

Hope 2015 is a good un for you all!.

PS – anyone entered the Largs stage of the Scottish enduro series? On our doorstep, it’d be rude not to!.

2015 Subscriptions Now Due

Hi there.  Now that we’re into 2015 it means the subscriptions for GMBC members are  due.  As agreed at the AGM we’re keeping the subs the same as last year, namely:

  • £15 for new members, students and those living more than 25miles from Glasgow
  • £25 for returning members

To sign up, please fill in the membership form.  It contains the details of how to pay your subs (either by BACS or in person at your bank).  Returning members are also required to complete the form as we need to be sure we have the correct details for you as well as your emergency contact details.


If you have any questions or problems please email membership[AT]gmbc[DOT]org[DOT]uk