Saturday 3rd May – Fairlie alps and social

Graham and myself have been talking for a while about getting a club ride at my local spot in the hills around Fairlie and Largs. As here is nothing in the calendar for the first weekend in May, and the trails have finally dried out, we’ve decided this would be a good time.

This is a good chance to get a wee bit of a sociable ride too, as cars aren’t really required from Glasgow. Plan would be something along the lines of train from Glasgow to Dalry, which gives a nice 6 mile warm up on quiet country lanes, and gives great access to the moors and trails within.

Spot of lunch and a beer in the Village inn, Fairlie (Schiehallion on draft, liver and bacon… Yum!) and back out, either finishing up in Largs, by way of the new purpose built trails at kelburn, or West Kilbride, both of which are on the train line back to Glasgow.

Photos From Braemar Trip

It’s probably not an understatement to say the GMBC Easter weekend was epic!

Many thanks to Tom for organising it/us, Sam & Dawn for the meals and everyone on the trip for making it an amazing weekend with tons of laughs and some great riding.  To any of the new club members who made it along, I’m really glad you came along and experienced the fun firsthand, hopefully some great memories for you.  Someone will write up the trip in more detail a bit later I’m sure but in the meantime here’s a few photos to enjoy.  Now, I’m off to find the after sun lotion…………

GMBC Braemar Photos

Sunday Ride

Anyone else who hasn’t made it up to braemar this weekend (*sobs*) up for a local ride? Its looking like a braw weekend, not going to give it a miss. Usual 9am start (or can switch to 10 if I’m outvoted)…


Ride Report: Rivers, Lochs and Glens Audax from Gourock (Sunday 13th April)

I’ve never done a ride report before… Anyway, I’ve got quite into these ‘Audax’ events – road riding events between 100 and 1400km.  Like a sportive, but much cheaper, no feed stations, from a village hall, and with less MAMILs.  Gerry, Simon and I rode one the previous week in the borders.  Gerry wasn’t up for this one, and Simon (a veteran of such events) was planning to…

Waking up on Sunday morning, the wind was howling. Great.  But at least it was dry as I got into the car.  As I drove off, I replaced Radio 4 and Radio Scotland’s religious output with some music.  But what is the music for Audax?  I tried DFA 1979 - but it just wasn’t right – more enduro I reckon… Mogwai - now that’s Audax music.  After a while, I switched back to the radio.  Just in time for the Audax Forecast.  Here is the transcript, word for word…. Continue reading

Tuesday Night Ride (15/4)

Hi.  Who’s out for Tuesday night’s ride this week?  Although the weather looks good I won’t be out (both bikes being fixed and too much to do before the Braemar trip).  I thought I’d post up to start the chat as we have a new rider keen on joining us (Anthony).  If someone has a spare light please could they bring it along on Tuesday?  Please post up either if you’ll be riding or if you have a spare light Anthony could use if it gets dark.

2 weeks to Braemar


It’s only a couple of weeks until the Easter trip to Braemar so I’ve started thinking about ride options. I’ve managed to come up with a few ideas out of books / internet as a starter. So has anyone got any experience of the routes below? Any other experiences or ideas? I’ve tried to pick stuff close to or starting from Braemar – it seems a shame to drive all that way then drive around all over the place!

Ben Avon - Big loop out of the Scottish Trails Book. 70km and 2000m of ascent so a big epic old day out. Starts from Braemar, hike-a-bike and techy descents.

The Capel Mount - 24km ride, 1000m of ascent. Moderately hard day out on a variety of trails. Some big climbs and descents. Start from Spital of Glen Muick about 40min drive from Braemar.

Linn of Dee Loop - 26km and 450m of ascent. Exploring the upper reaches of the River Dee. Big mountain scenery and singletrack trails. Start from Linn of Dee car park, a short drive or rideable from Braemar.

Lochnagar Loop - Big loop of 44km with 1350m of climbing in big mountain country on the Queen’s estate. Lots of singletrack. Start from Braemar.

Glenlivet Trail Centre ( - New trails centre riding about 30 mins drive from Braemar.

There will be quite a range of experience / fitness so it would be good to come up with a few more “moderate” options. Does anyone know any short local loops around Braemar? I guess most of you know I enjoy a bit of hike-a-bike misery but I’d like to avoid a “wickerman” incident after leading everyone through tussocky bog for hours.