A 2014 GMBC Hilly Time Trail – gauging interest for this…

I had intended trying to run a 2014 version of this event in September/ October, but time got away from me. So…..

…. how about Sunday 28 December (am)?

How many of you would be interested in trying to use your recently consumed turkey wings to help you get up the Kyber Pass?

To make the event happen, I will also need a few volunteers to marshal on the course. Ideally I’d need about 10 volunteers to marshal all the key junctions, although we could get away with fewer by leaving certain junctions un-manned, just arrowed.

Last year a few friends from Fusion Triathlon Club joined us and a couple of their members helped with the volunteering. I would propose we open the event up their membership again – always helps with entry numbers too!

Either reply below, or email me on fyzicalrex@gmail.com with feedback/ further suggestions.

Thanks, John B

Chris Wood: Donations


I realise none of you know Chris Wood (a long time friend of mine through rallying) . He had a tumble on his MTB, but instead of getting up and dusting himself off, it had life changing consequences for him.

His accident could happen to any one of us, and I’d like to think that the mountain biking community are kind and generous.

Please, i ask that you take a couple of minutes to make a small donation for Woody – the price of a pint, or a round of drinks. In the greater scheme of your life that is nothing, but for Chris many small donations will all add up and will help him move forward with his life.

His full story is in the link below.


Thank you.