Arran Weekend Trip in September


For any new members and people who missed it last time the club is running a weekend trip to Arran at the end of September:

Link to Calender

There are a few spaces left and there may be other places as people’s plan’s have changed since I posted it the first time. If you’re interested please post up on the calender page, email me or speak to me if you see me on a ride.

The riding on Arran is brilliant, and we will have sole use of the very nice National Trust Bunkhouse at Brodick. So it will be a fun social event too.



3 Peaks Cyclocross Entries Open

If anyone fancies this the entries are open until the 8th June (it’s not a first come first served, I think you have to be deemed worthy by the organisers).

Essentially it’s a big long cyclocross race over some hills in Yorkshire. I think the guy that’s won it the last few years is a fell runner first and foremost if that gives an idea what to expect.

Anyway, it should be fun. I can feel the pinch flats already.

Kintyre Way Exploring

The Kintyre Way is an 87mile route that winds is way up the Kintyre Peninsula from Dunaverty to Tarbet (rough map here). It’s been on my “to do” list for a couple of years but the logistics aren’t easy, as the far end of the Kintyre Penisula is pretty much at the end of the earth (well 130miles from Glasgow) and I’d never got round to it. Luckily Calmac stepped in last year and started running ferries from Ardrossan to Campbeltown. Elizabeth, fresh from exciting overseas adventures, mentioned she’d like to ride the Kintyre way and a plan was formed to give it go.

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2 weeks to Braemar


It’s only a couple of weeks until the Easter trip to Braemar so I’ve started thinking about ride options. I’ve managed to come up with a few ideas out of books / internet as a starter. So has anyone got any experience of the routes below? Any other experiences or ideas? I’ve tried to pick stuff close to or starting from Braemar – it seems a shame to drive all that way then drive around all over the place!

Ben Avon – Big loop out of the Scottish Trails Book. 70km and 2000m of ascent so a big epic old day out. Starts from Braemar, hike-a-bike and techy descents.

The Capel Mount – 24km ride, 1000m of ascent. Moderately hard day out on a variety of trails. Some big climbs and descents. Start from Spital of Glen Muick about 40min drive from Braemar.

Linn of Dee Loop – 26km and 450m of ascent. Exploring the upper reaches of the River Dee. Big mountain scenery and singletrack trails. Start from Linn of Dee car park, a short drive or rideable from Braemar.

Lochnagar Loop – Big loop of 44km with 1350m of climbing in big mountain country on the Queen’s estate. Lots of singletrack. Start from Braemar.

Glenlivet Trail Centre ( – New trails centre riding about 30 mins drive from Braemar.

There will be quite a range of experience / fitness so it would be good to come up with a few more “moderate” options. Does anyone know any short local loops around Braemar? I guess most of you know I enjoy a bit of hike-a-bike misery but I’d like to avoid a “wickerman” incident after leading everyone through tussocky bog for hours.