30th Anniversary Weekender – final details

Just a final update to confirm the ride plans for the weekend. If anyone is planning on coming along for either day let us know.

Friday night – depends a bit on the weather and when people arrive. If there’s appetite for it then a wee fireroad spin up Ben Gullipen in time for sunset could be on the cards. Maybe pack a headtorch just in case. The Lade Inn is also another possible destination for an evening ride. Graham is going to email round those registered so far to gauge interest.

Saturday – “red”/medium ride – leaving the hostel about 10:30, to do a loop of the Mentieths on a mix of fireroad, cycle path and singletrack. Aiming for a mid ride stop in Aberfoyle around lunchtime. As we’ll be riding in Aberfoyle on Sunday we’ll not take in most of the techy trails but, depending on those present, there could be a wee detour en route to the lunch stop for some singletrack. Aiming to be back at the hostel by 4pm for munchies and merriment.

Saturday – Gnarr ride – leaving the hostel at 10:00, the final plan will be dependant on the weather and decided on the Friday night at the hostel; option (1) Ben Ledi and Stank Glen, 25km(ish), riding from the hostel, climbing/pushing up Ben Ledi and descending down the same path, taking in some of the trails in Stank Glen before returning to the hostel; option (2) Ben Vorich mega-loop, 45km, riding from the hostel and mix of fireroad/singletrack/big push to the top, ride down the main Ben Vorlich path and returning via Glen Ample or NCR 7.  Given the recent weather option (1) is much more likely but both options are fairly remote with techy/rocky descending, with limited options for cafe stops etc so pack for big day out and bring plenty of food and water and knee pads etc.

Sunday – Variety of rides out of Aberfoyle, plus, there’s a Dales Cycles demo day for GMBC and friends of GMBC in Aberfoyle on Sunday, based in the main car park. Ali from Dales will be hosting it so come along and maybe try a bike on the skills loop or on some of the local trails.

Original post with full detail of the weekends plans here;

It’s Nearly Here: 30th Anniversary Weekender!!

It’s Nearly Here: 30th Anniversary Weekender!!

It’s only a few weeks to the club’s 30th anniversary weekend away!  There’s still some spaces left for the trip.  The hostel is in a great location in the Trossachs, surrounded by lochs and mountains and some great biking for all abilities.  The Trossachs Tryst hostel has been renovated since our last visit with a new kitchen and bathroom facilities and it still has the great indoor and outdoor space to host our weekend.

Apart from some great rides and plenty of laughs, what can you expect from the weekend away?  Here’s a rough plan:

Friday 18th – The Starters

  • Arrive at hostel from 4pm onwards – don’t turn up early – you won’t get access
  • Meals: local food at the Lade Inn pub or make use of the new kitchen to prepare your own
  • Events: possible short, non-techy evening ride up nearby Ben Gullipen, start time TBC (hopefully at the top in time for sunset), socialising in the hostel

Saturday 19th – The Main Course

  • 10am – local rides depart
    • Ride Option 1: Angus – techy
    • Ride Option 2: Graham – mix of trails, some tech, some fireroad, looking for distance and scenery
    • Ride Option 3: TBC – if there’s any interest in this option then we’ll need a volunteer to host it – an easy ride, focus on chilling out and social
  • Rides aim to return 3-4pm, after that it’s the afternoon/evening entertainment, including:
    • team competitions
    • fantastic GMBC BBQ
    • the (in)famous GMBC Big Fat 30th Anniversary Quiz
    • prize giving/awards ceremony & cake

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30th Anniversary Ride Series

This has been a bit quiet.  Next three weekends, who fancies one or more of:

  • Auchendrain
  • Pitlochry/Loch Bhac
  • Drumlanrig
  • Ochills
  • Pentlands
  • Wanlochead Gold Rush (this is a big one)
  • Suggest something

Anybody that rides regularly midweek is capable of any of those (intro riders, I’m pointing at you), they’re all old skool XC, might be a bit bigger in terms of time/distance, but the pace will be regulated to take that into account.  Come and join us…

So short notice, but anybody up for one of these on Sunday? And the following weekends?

Club Tops – For Sale

In order to meet some of the minimum quantities for the top order from Pactimo, we had to by some extras. Therefore the following 30th anniversary club tops are available for club members to buy;

Men’s Continental 2.0 Jersey, Size L (fits small, so more like a M) £40.80

Men’s Trail SS Jersey, Size M £46.20

Men’s Trail LS Jersey, Size L £60

You can find more details on the tops – https://www.pactimo-custom.com/

Ewan Evans has the tops at his work so get in touch with him if you are interested in buying a top or checking the sizing. His details below;

Xtreme Auto Tints
104 Dalsholm Road
G20 0TF

0141 945 65555


Club tops – ready for collection!

After what seems an age, the 30th Anniversary club tops are now in our possession and they are looking good!

I’m away on holiday next week so Ewan Evans has stepped in to help distribute the tops to everyone who placed an order. He’ll be out on various weekday rides (and the skills training on Saturday at Cathkin), which he will post up about on Facebook or they can be collected from his work during the day. Address and contact details below, best to give him a call before you collect as he is out and about quite a lot.

Xtreme Auto Tints
104 Dalsholm Road
G20 0TF

0141 945 65555

All of the orders are individually packaged and have your names on them so it will be easy to find your top. There’s also a sheet with your order details to confirm. If there are any problems let me know.

There are also a few spare tops for sale which I’ll post up about separately.






30th Anniversary Club Tops – Shop Now Open

The Pactimo shop is now open..finally!

The 30th anniversary club tops will be available to buy through the Pactimo shop until Tuesday 9th May.

To enter the shop, go to  https://teamstore.pactimo.com/stores/select  click my team store, then input glasgowmountainbike password in the below window

Displaying image013.png


A few important points;

  1. ‘If people are using a visa debit, they should inform their bank otherwise their purchase transaction will be blocked by their bank as believing to be fraud.  We are a US based clothing company and so banks will block the transaction to protect the client.  When banks are informed prior to placing the order with us transactions go through with no incident.  Please do inform the team otherwise their cards will be block.  Visa and Master card are accepted but not American Express. ‘
  2. ‘ENTERED ORDERS CAN’T BE CANCELLED, if a wrong size is entered we can alter it BEFORE we close the team store but not after the store has been closed.’
  3. There are a couple of small errors with logo positioning on the tops shown in the shop. Don’t worry, these have been corrected for the production templates.
  4. Please do not ask Pactimo to re-open the shop if you are late to purchase a top. This delays the whole order for everyone.

The fit kit will be available for the last time at tonight’s ride (Wednesday 03-05-17) as I have to send it back tomorrow.

Any questions, give me a shout


30th Anniversary Club Tops

We are now in the final stages of the club top design and will hopefully have the online shop open at the end of this week or the start of next week.

Below is a sample of what the final design will look like on the continental top. All the variations will be available to view when the shop opens. (Kudos to Mario for the work he has put in with the top design.)




We will be offering the following tops;

S/S Continental Top – male/female
L/S Continental Top – male/female
S/S Trail Top – male/female
L/S Trial Top – male/female
Brekenridge WX-D Vest – male/female

You can find details on the tops here – https://www.pactimocustom.com/collections/mountain-biking

Sizing Kit – I will make the sizing kit available at the sports club before and after the evening rides on the follow days;

Tuesday 25/04/17

Wednesday 26/04/17

Tuesday 02/05/17

Wednesday 03/05/17

Please let me know if you are planning on coming to try on the sizing kit. If anyone can’t make these dates get in touch and I’ll see what we can do. Other people trying on the tops can also give feedback on what the actual sizing is like.

More details to follow.

30th Anniversary Jerseys Coming Soon…..

As most of you will be aware 2017 is Glasgow Mountain Bike Club’s 30th birthday. As we did for the 25th anniversary, there will the a 30th anniversary jersey to celebrate this.

We have been working on the new jerseys and enlisted the help of graphic design guru Mario Aquaro, who is currently putting the finishing touches to the design.

We will be using Pactimo as the supplier as we did in 2015 and purchases will be through their web shop again. We hope to have the shop open early-mid April (so don’t spend all your wages on bike bits just yet).

More details soon….


It’s Here: GMBC Fantasy MTBer League

Here it is – your chance to take part in a bit of fun against your clubmates to see who is the top GMBC member, based on a shonky scoring system.  The idea is to encourage some participation and friendly competition and promote a few activities during the club’s 30th anniversary year.

How does it work?

  1. Participate in activities on the list
  2. Earn points
  3. The points are tallied and the league table is published occasionally

What could I win?

A warm feeling of self-satisfaction that you are indeed an awesome member of GMBC.  Apart from that we may have some very naff prizes and use the results for some sort of competition at the 30th anniversary weekend celebration.

What are the activities then?

Some are bike related and some aren’t.  You’ll get points for taking part or getting involved, you’ll get some bonus points for getting on a podium, you’ll sometimes get more points for helping to organise stuff.  Here’s a few examples of where points could be earned:

Paying your subs promptly, entering an SMBO, helping at trail maintenance, riding singlespeed, bonus points for organising the Mugdock SMBO, flipping burgers at the BBQ, organising rides, pulling someone out of the canal during the 12hour GMBC pub social ride, entering an organised event like 10 Under, taking KOMs off Tom Wylie 😉

Tab 2 – Full list of the activities and the scoring

NB: events in green are the current open events

How do I log my results?

In some cases you won’t need to log results as we’ll collect them as part of the activity.  However, sometimes you’ll need to log your results using this form.

Where do I see results and the League Table?

Tab 3 – Results Table

Tab 4 – Full League Table

Position Total Points Riders Comments


Julie Taylor-Flood Steaming out in the lead from her Strathpuffer result and being one of the first 3 women to renew their subs


Bosco Flood
In joint 2nd, the male contingent of the Strathpuffer mixed quads champions
Campbell Davidson
Steve Owens


Dave Ashton
And in joint 3rd place, a mix of new and returning members who all paid up sharpish to claim the 3 points available to be the first 3 male/female/new riders to pay subs plus getting the Early Bird bonus.
Fran Young
Hannah Hutchison
Iain Clow
Myriam Solar
Vicky Herbert
Will Aylward
Willie Muir


Barry Mears
A smattering of Strathpuffers, early birds and singlespeeders!
Chris Lowe
Graham Anderton
Iain Godber


Simon Haslam Points for singlespeeding!!