30th Anniversary Ride Series

This has been a bit quiet.  Next three weekends, who fancies one or more of:

  • Auchendrain
  • Pitlochry/Loch Bhac
  • Drumlanrig
  • Ochills
  • Pentlands
  • Wanlochead Gold Rush (this is a big one)
  • Suggest something

Anybody that rides regularly midweek is capable of any of those (intro riders, I’m pointing at you), they’re all old skool XC, might be a bit bigger in terms of time/distance, but the pace will be regulated to take that into account.  Come and join us…

So short notice, but anybody up for one of these on Sunday? And the following weekends?

Wed 5 July

For anybody that would prefer to spend 2 hours riding their bike as opposed to 2 hours hauling it up a munro, there will be the usual 7pm(ish) ride from the sports club on Wednesday, with the post-ride opportunity for stewed tea, stale biscuits, and terrible banter.  It’s going to be an ordeal either way ;~p

Friday evening spin

As the weather looks stunning for the next couple of evenings, Keiran and I are planning a ride tomorrow (Friday) evening.  Usual MO, 7pm(ish) start, out for a couple of hours, with scope for post-ride refreshment at The Burnbrae.  Pace will be relaxed.  All welcome, post up if interested.

Old Skool Pre-Christmas Ride Sunday

While the trails have taken a battering of late, the weather for the weekend looks… well, better than what we’ve been riding in for the last few weeks.  So, any takers for an old classic format local jaunt this Sunday?  Set out from the sports club at 1000 GMBCT, lunch at Mugdock, and either go home afterwards or ride some more (I’ll be in the latter camp if I don’t snap any more bike parts).  Ride goes at the pace of whoever is hanging off the back, so probably me.

‘Ard Work In Ardgarten

Epic isn’t a word that I’d have previously applied to Ardgarten, but add 6 inches of snow and it’s the only description.  A mixture of riding, slithering, and trudging through the snow, it was hard work and slow going much of the time, but blue skies, sunshine, and the views made it more than worthwhile.  However hard the going, spirits were constantly high, mostly about what a ridiculous endeavour we were embarked upon.  Even the comedy crashes were a laugh (although my bruised ribs are starting to disagree).  With the section from the frozen-over lochan to Lochgoilhead heavily snowbound, we were running seriously late and decided to take the road over the Rest And Be Thankful to have a fighting chance of finishing in daylight – after a leisurely stop for hot drinks and food :~)  The military road was something else, it was more like sledging than cycling: hold on, try to find some grip, and try to stay upright.  We eventually got back after about 6hrs, just as the light was fading.  Everybody demonstrated their handbrake turn on leaving the ice rink that doubled as a carpark.  That’s definitely a ride that I’ll be talking about for years to come.  Pencil in a return visit later in the year when the conditions are less extreme.

I learned something today – rim brakes and 6″ of snow do not mix well ;~p


Ardgarten Loop Sunday?

Weather for Sunday is looking good, anybody fancy getting some miles in?  For those unfamiliar with it, it’s ~20miles around the Ardgarten peninsula, mostly on fire road/forest track, with a more interesting section from the southern end into Lochgoilhead (nothing too bad, I’ve done it on a CX bike), and over the Rest And Be Thankful.  Opportunity for a stop in Lochgoilhead.  The forecast is for blue skies, and the views are big.  I’ll probably take the CX bike again.  Tracklog here.  Shout out if interested.



Take it easy hacking down through the quarry from Hole In The Wall.  There’s a tree down after the berm, and I wouldn’t recommend finding out while zipping around at warp factor 9 as I did tonight.  There’s another down at the end of Mangina; you have to crawl under it, but it seems stable and there’s room to drag a bike through.

Just Angus and me out on a lovely clear (and cold) night, trails still riding surprisingly well considering the deluge.