Kilpatricks GPS Routes?

Does anyone happen to have any GPS routes for the Kilpatricks?  Especially if they cover routes linking Loch Humphrey, Greenside Reservoir, Cochno & Burncrooks.  If you do then let me know and I’ll email you offline.  Ta.

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  1. Don’t have the GPS, but Mark Forrest and I done a cycle from Kilpatricks to Mugdock years back and it would be good to retrace our steps.

  2. Graham,

    I should have a few gpx files from my various ventures up there. I’ll have a rummage and send on via email.

    I reckon I’ve also got one that I downloaded from t’internet for the big Milngavie-Humphrey-Whangie loop.

    There’s also a trail that takes you out onto the road below Windy Hill – so option then is do the return to Milngavie thro windy, or just via the road.

    Or if you want me to show you the area then we can do a reccie ride at some point!



  3. How about a Kilpatricks ride one Tuesday or Wednesday? When can you make it Gav? Or a Thursday actually (if that’s not too controversial?) maybe the last week in May or the first or second week in June?

  4. Happy to do an OKs ride anytime, as the hills are on my doorstep 🙂 Even if you want to do a proper training sesh I’d be up for that too – just don’t make me run anywhere!



  5. thanks for the email with the routes Gav. I’ll plug them into my map software.

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