Sunday 9th: Comrie Croft Trail Centre

Hi.  Planning an away ride this Sunday.   Heading up to Comrie for a blast on the fun trails up there.  I’ve already offered up the space in my car but if that becomes free I’ll post up on Saturday evening.  Some details:

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  1. Graham,
    Hoping to make it along on Sunday. I’ve also posted up on Facebook.

    • Cheers Stuart. I phoned Comrie Croft today and although the cafe is closed their shop will be open where you can get tea & coffee and snacks (no hot food or sandwiches). There’s a deli in town if anyone is after a more substantial bite to eat. Not sure if it’s open on the Sunday though, I’ll try to find out.

      • The deli and bakery in Comrie are both closed on Sunday so it might be best to take food with you. After this rain the trails will be pretty wet, especially the red and the black. It’s forecast to clear up tomorrow so fingers crossed it’s a decent day for the ride.

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