Snake Pass Improvements

A big thank you to Angus, Andrew, Ross B, Chris and Pete & sons and the Park Rangers for working on the lower section of Snake Pass/Snakey to fix the ruts and drainage problems.  From a test ride down it yesterday it felt solid and smooth.  Hopefully the work we’ve done will keep water off the path and any water that makes it on to the path will be diverted off.

The next maintenance session is planned for Sat. 16-April and will be up in the Khyber area of the park.

Here’s a few photos from Saturday’s effort for you to enjoy:

Snake Pass - After


Trail Maintenance: Sat. 13th April

Hi there – we’re doing our 3rd trail maintenance session of the Spring this Saturday up at Mugdock Park.  Although the trails are bone dry at the moment there’s still some remedial work to do for when the weather turns.  If you are planning on coming then please can you let me know by either posting up here or dropping me an email.

The plan for the weekend is as follows:

Meet:  Craigallian Bridge Car Park
Time:  Start at 10am, finish by 2:30/3pm. Continue reading

Trail Maintenance Session: 16th March

Hi there,

As mentioned previously, we’re planning the next trail maintenance session this Saturday (16th March).    If you are able to help out then please post up here or drop me an email (this will be useful to estimate the number of tools we need to borrow from the park rangers).   Here’s the details:

Meet:  Drumclog Car Park (opposite the Mugdock reservoirs)
Time:  Start at 10am, finish by 2:30/3pm.
NB:  It can be a busy car park so you may want to consider turning up a bit earlier or sharing lifts.
Tools:  Bring what you have, eg. spades, forks, pruning saws/loppers, forks, mattocks

The Plan: Continue reading

2013 Trail Maintenance Sessions

Following the great effort last spring I’ve spoken to the Mugdock Ranger and we’ve arranged 3 dates during Spring to some more much needed trail maintenance.  It’s a great chance to  learn some new skills and put something back into an area that we get a lot of enjoyment out of.  Mountain bikers are one of the few groups to actively volunteer their time in this way and it’s greatly appreciated by the Rangers.

Please take a look at the dates below and post up if you’d like to help out.

  • Saturday 2nd March
  • Saturday 16th March
  • Saturday 13th April

NB: sessions typically run from 10am to 3pm, if you have tools then great, if not then we should be able to supply some