Pentlands mtb orienteering

On what has to be the warmest day of the year so far, myself, John Bennie and Luke made it across to the Pentlands orienteering. For anyone who hasn’t done one of these, it’s pretty simple. You get given a map with lots of points on it and you have to go collect as many points as you can in 3hr and try to avoid getting stuck on the other side of a big hill with only 10min to go! Luke and I did it as a pair while John went out on his own – both of us with different route choices but similar points in the end.

It’s been ages since I’ve ridden at the pentlands and I’d forgotten how much fun it is.  There’s loads there, especially with the nicer weather drying off the mud to make it all just a bit more rideable.

I’m sure the proper orienteers will be analysisng their route choice for the next week but all I can say is that ours worked for us.  We managed to get in some great descents, including a few scary steep ones I hadn’t done before.  We used the high scoring checkpoints at the tops as a good excuse for these and still managed to take in the stunning views out over Edinburgh from Allermuir.  Luke had a puncture near the beginning and John timed his arrival nicely to bring us a CO2 canister, after Luke finished duck-taping his tyre shut again. 

Towards the end we realised that we were maybe cutting it just a little bit fine for the 3hr mark so it was a fast ride to the finish line, with me narrowly missing running down a small dog.  Didn’t it hear us politely ringing our mandatory bike bells? Luckily dog and owners were unscathed and we rushed to the finish line, only 4 mins late to find out we’d won the mixed pair category. Beer, chocolate and alpine vouchers, awesome! 

There’s still loads more riding to be done out there and it’s not really far to go at all.  I don’t think we’ve had a club trip out there for a while but maybe sometime soon, I think it’s well worth it.

Saturday Ride- Another option- Arrochar


With the weather forecast looking great for Saturday, me and John are heading up to Arrochar to try a new route- well, new to us! Its called Coire Grogain from Kenny Wilson’s book.

Description is 18km from Arrochar off into the hills. Looks good, with some forest track and single track descents. Book suggests more decents than climbs, but that can’t be right!!

We have a map and the ability to navigate should anyone else want t come along.

Meet at 11am at the main car park in Arrochar- first one you come to as you head through the village. Don’t know how long it’ll take-maybe 3 hours? Graham and Neil did it last year, and can perhaps shed some light.

Let me know if anyone fancies it. Mobile is 07792605021.



Southside roadride – 7th April 2011

The GMBC peloton moved south into rural renfrewshire tonight, with a pretty good turnout… Ross, Mark, Alan, Elizabeth, Barry and me (Stephen). Ross, Alan and I left from Crookston and picked up riders on the way, by Paisley the peloton was complete. It was a mixed bunch of bikes as usual, (but no flat bars – what is this MTB club coming too!)…2 crossers, and 4 roadbikes with ‘team cannondale’ showing force. We hit the cycle path – good move, it was a nice social ride out to Kilmacolm, no neds, devil dogs and minimal glass, its always sunny on the southside! The original plan for a Greenock loop was a little ambitious so we planned a wee short loop back round the airport, however the bunch succumbed to the delights of a long descent back to Paisley and were unstoppable. Without Simon, our roadie mentor (a lycra’d Mr Myagi?) the bunch opened up with a few hero moments (Al must have a turbo button!), the pace hotted up, our average became 20mph+ but it was all good, we kept up the chat and the peloton was complete all way back to Crookston. A great ride by all accounts, and with some not so subtle bike/kit matching with a few of us I reckon we looked good too 🙂 us MTBers can easily disguise as a roadie bunch which might be worrying? Here are the stats. according to cateye (on my bike anyway) ride time: 1hr 51min, distance: 27.75 miles, average: 14.9mph, max: 25.5mph, and mechanicals: none! Consensus is that we do it again and get a few routes planned south of the river, I have hundreds of ideas, but then I am a dirt-shy closet roadie!

Social ride

Howdy all,

just a wee reminder about the Saturday social ride that is scheduled for the first Saturday in June.  (That will be the 4th)  So far there has been quite a bit of interest in this ride so it is looking good.

Currently there are no limitations on numbers, where you join the ride, where you leave the ride, how many coffee’s and scones you have, how many lunches you have or how much you may have to drink.

A reminder of the route.  Mostly off-road, leaving Milngavie at 10 heading to the Carbeth via various trails. From Carbeth to the Blane Valley Inn.  Then to Kincaid House Hotel Milton of Campsie from there to the Stables in Kirkie and finally finish off in the Torrance or Wheatsheaf Inn before returning, on a leasurly ride, on the back roads to Milngavie.


Rides This Week (w/c 4/4)

Here’s a note of the rides this week ………

Wednesday ride:  The Whangie (conditions permitting?) , meet at St Andrews Hall Car Park, Milngavie, 7:45pm

Thursday ride:  Road ride, meet at St Andrews Hall Car Park, Milngavie, 6:30pm prompt. Duration: 1.5 – 2hrs
NB: The Mugdock Maintenance day originally on the calendar for this Saturday (9th) has been moved to Sat 14th May.

Sunday ride – 2 options:

1. Bothy Weekend (Fri – Sun): Ardverikie Estate near Dalwhinnie.  Chris Johnstone and a few others are heading up I believe.  It’s bound to be a fantastic and memorable weekend.  If you’re interested then make yourself known!  More info here:

or, 2. Local Ride, meet at St Andrews Hall Car Park, Milngavie, 9am

Pedals for Swap or Sale

Hi. I have an unused pair of “Crank Brothers Smarty custom for Specialized” pedals which came with my 2008 Spesh Stumpjumper. As I have SPD’s they’ve never been used.

I snapped one of my SPD pedals, so am now in the market for replacement pair.

Please get in touch with me if you can either swap or would make a cash offer towards  new set.

Cheers, Keith 07855 808 964

Alpine bikes club night Tue 5/4/2011

Sorry for the short notice, but I only received notice of this myself 30 minutes ago:

We are holding our club night tomorrow evening from 6pm till 8pm we have good fantastic discounts on everything in store and discounts on new bikes. These apply only for this night.

This is being held at the alpine bikes store situated in the Tiso outdoor experience

50 Couper street, glasgow, G4 0DL
0141 559 5450

Please contact members of your club and attend the night to receive these discounts

Hope to see you tomorrow